The Happy Prince (2018)

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Title:The Happy Prince
Director:Rupert Everett
Country: Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium.
Language: English, Italiano, Français.
Runtime:105 min.
Genre:Comedy, Drama, History

 Production Company:BBC Films, Entre chiens et loups, Palomar, Tele-München


The story of the last days of Oscar Wilde. This great man of letters, once one of the most famous authors in England, is now a superstar on the skids. As Oscar lies on his death bed, the past comes flooding back to him, transporting him to other times and places.

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Name : Rupert Everett

As Directing / Director

Name : Rupert Everett

As Writing / Screenplay

Name : Azim Bolkiah

As Production / Executive Producer

Name : David Colby

As Production / Associate Producer

Name : Carlo Degli Esposti

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : Sébastien Delloye

As Production / Producer

Name : Ged Doherty

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : Diana Elbaum

As Production / Associate Producer

Name : Connie Filipello

As Production / Executive Producer

Name : Colin Firth

As Production / Co-Producer

Name : Patrizia Massa

As Production / Line Producer

Name : Gabriel Yared

As Sound / Music

Name : John Conroy

As Crew / Cinematography

Name : Nicolas Gaster

As Editing / Editor

Name : Celestia Fox

As Production / Casting

Name : Brian Morris

As Art / Production Design

Name : Jean-Christophe Bourgeois

As Crew / Special Effects

Name : Dirk Bombey

As Sound / Sound Mixer

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